New Artist – Scayos

SCayos is a pianist, music producer and, composer. He primarily makes electronic and chillhop music with a hint of jazz. He recently graduated from Interlochen Center for the Arts as a piano and composition major. Now, he plans to study at Berklee School of Music.

New Artist – KSET

An architect of the contemporary Wild West, American musician KSET composes cinematic trap in the dusty hills of San Francisco. His music is worldly, warm, introspective and reminiscent of Portishead, Emancipator, and Ennio Morricone. KSET makes memory music. It’s about how simple things are more complex upon closer inspection. It’s about natural ghosts in strange spaces and is the result of several years of studying the emerging global trap genre and finding a place in it. It is a mix of both powerful emotions and cinematic imagery.

New Artist – RVNES

Acclaimed German Downtempo and instrumental Hip-Hop producer RVNES has long constructed soundscapes that have piqued the interest of musicophiles, especially those with leaning interest towards warm blossoming strings, pulsing bass, and haunting vocals. RVNES’s ideology behind his pseudonym has always been one of growth, whether that’s through the growth of his ideas and or the evolution of his production.

New Artist – Boris Merkfeld

Boris Merkfeld is the creative output of a forward thinking composer merging classical scores with futuristic sound. He creates soundtracks & soundscapes and combines inspiring harmonies with organic depth. As an audio enthusiast, his goal is to outreach limits and forge new paths in audio designing.

New Artist – TESK

After an incredible year, three critically acclaimed releases and cumulating more than 10 million streams, TESK is ready to take you on another musical journey. His music is struck around spaced-out beat science and soulful keys and is guaranteed to be the right companion if you are into jazzy & smooth Chillhop vibes.

New Artist – SALVT

SALVT is the solo project of Nick Altmann, an electrical engineer by day. His debut comes after a decade of experimentation resulting in over a dozen self-released albums of high energy pop, electropop, lofi psychedelic, and other styles often only explored in one song. The philosophy of variation has resulted in a unique catalogue aligned with his own musical journey. The name “SALVT” alludes to the moment of opportunity when events line up and something new presents itself.